Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Some projects

Non drawing things: I took the talisman out of my katana's handle then carved a space for it in a wooden sword I made and epoxied it in. Made new clamping faces for my vice which now it looks too nice to use. Fashioned a clever apparatus that looks like a baseball bat is sticking out of my ceiling. been experimenting with different shades for bare ceramic light bulb fixtures. I don't really like any of them yet, except the one that is all cut up, which I cut up because I didn't like it. Also the wooden one has some of that pink salt blocks glued to the bottom of it. Put a chandelier in my garage. Remade my kitchen light, cut some of the glass off the bottom then painted it black and distressed it. also Fall, also this van gogh smoking skeleton poster fluoresces nicely under black light.

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