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Bobby Ascends

I didn't make this, but I added the caption

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When Rebekkah came out of the woods everyone could tell something was different about her.

Red promo

posting this here so I can link to it for the button up top, since googlephoto gave me a url 600 characters long...

Monday, July 17, 2017

God Labs™ Heaven Gate™ 02

God Labs™ Heaven Gate™ 02 The second Heaven Gate, among other improvements, is mounted horizontally after an accident where a subject failed to propel herself fully through and was cut in half. Though this did raise interesting speculation if half of her made it into heaven.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

God Labs™ Heaven Gate™ 01

God Labs™ Heaven Gate™ 01. The gate is created by generating a magnetically sustained film of plasma derived from the remains of terminated test subjects who professed a belief in the afterlife.

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Video of the Prologue of Red and the Wolfe!

Just finished making a video of the Prologue of Red and the Wolfe! Complete with text-to-speech voice acting! You don't even have to read!!

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Red and The Wolfe Chapter 10 released!


Finally it is all released. This is the final chapter of my book Red and the Wolfe, available only on ComiXology. It. Is. All. Finally. Done… and released. and done. years upon years. done.

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Birth of the Manguine

Long Stephen attempts to be helpful after Dr. Lamb is inexplicably metamorphosed into the Abominable Man-Eating Manguine.™.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Radiation Angels

Since this is ink I was thinking it would be cool to draw with negative space and have these white rings over dark figures. Then I was thinking that maybe that was a radiation ring, like we were observing with a film camera and the radiation exposed the film in a ring. Then I was thinking those figures with the rings are Radiation Angels, apparitions that start appearing after they have been experimenting for a while at Godlabs, ghosts of the victims of their research. THEN I made this circular design based off something I saw painted on a WWII soldier's helmet, and I thought it could be a warning sign not to pass because there were Radiation Angels near. I made a rubber stamp of the symbol and I think I'll use it as my 'copyright' logo on stuff I post in this era. The bottom right is a scan of the stamp, and above that are some experiments with variations on the design.