Tuesday, January 1, 2019

The Judge


  1. Peep, peep! I call.

    I found your page and instagram just now from The Raven and The Crow masterpiece, as you probably have already guessed by my bizarre greeting, and got very interested in your work. Its so outré and provoking in a very interesting way, so i just had to ask what you do and what this is. Obviously you are an artist, but i'd like to know more about this, what it means etc, since there was so little information to be found about the page.

    1. Thanks for your kind words! This is what I do, drawing/painting/writing/etcetera. I wrote and illustrated Red and the Wolfe my graphic novel over 5 years and since then I've been working on a new story called the God Labs about scientists trying to open a gate into heaven. As for meaning I try to cut as deeply as I can starting with myself and what is going on with me. And as the God Labs for example, it is about the things humans put their faith in, particularly these days where there is a very humanist trend and faith is in technology even when it is hidden inside religion, or treated religiously. So it's a way for me to tell a story about what I see in me and around me. If it's video or sketchbook or graphic novel or sound it stems from that desire in me to report what I find.