Friday, January 6, 2017

The Birth of the Manguine

Long Stephen attempts to be helpful after Dr. Lamb is inexplicably metamorphosed into the Abominable Man-Eating Manguine.™.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Radiation Angels

Since this is ink I was thinking it would be cool to draw with negative space and have these white rings over dark figures. Then I was thinking that maybe that was a radiation ring, like we were observing with a film camera and the radiation exposed the film in a ring. Then I was thinking those figures with the rings are Radiation Angels, apparitions that start appearing after they have been experimenting for a while at Godlabs, ghosts of the victims of their research. THEN I made this circular design based off something I saw painted on a WWII soldier's helmet, and I thought it could be a warning sign not to pass because there were Radiation Angels near. I made a rubber stamp of the symbol and I think I'll use it as my 'copyright' logo on stuff I post in this era. The bottom right is a scan of the stamp, and above that are some experiments with variations on the design.